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Coinmonger Numismatics is a top consigner, placing coins in the hands of the buyers most interested the specimens you have to sell.

Coinmonger Numismatics is dedicated to promoting all aspects of the coin collecting hobby in a positive and engaging atmosphere.

Coinmonger Numismatics offers interesting coin selections for sale in different areas coin collecting, and holds regular coin contests to encourage collectors to learn and enjoy a complete collectors experience.

We at Coinmonger Numismatics enjoy talking coins with our visitors. All questions are answered timely & individually. Please Contact Us, We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, or would like information on selling your coins to us, please e-mail us at:

sales@Coinmonger Numismatics


  Read The Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting!

This primer to the basics of coin collecting will help you avoid some pitfalls and encourage you to begin your hobby in a thoughtful and educated manner.

  The Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting Part Two

A continuation the beginners guide part 1, digging in a bit deeper into some advanced beginner topics.

  Collecting in a down economy

Taking a look at the risks and rewards of moving your collection forward when money is tight.

  Averaging in and the hobby of coin collecting

More and more, people are looking to precious metals as a safe hold against falling currencies, and at a blinding rate if precious metal prices are a true consumer indication.

  Coin Collecting in a Cashless Society

Some thought provoking speculation on how coin collecting might end up if the world moved to an all digital currency.

  Money to lose

Investment or Entertainment? Numismatics is a thoughtful hobby with more to be gained than simply profit. An investment in your life.